Watch your favorite TV series online for free

I going gaga over Ugly Betty and I can't just miss another episode. I must admit that I have been watching this for quite sometime and I just want to be Betty, well just some part of her. Her being well organized and smart saved her boss from a lot of troubles. Her being a responsible daughter made her a darling too.

The characters were carefully casted and each one of them is great on their roles especially, Wilhelmina. I could think of any other roles that will be played by Vanesssa Williams other than the Queen Slater.

On the other side of the tube, Prison Break is on break now and will not be back for few weeks ( unless Im outdated). The story is getting predictable and impossible. But what the heck, the thrill is what I am coming back for.

Here are the sites I go to watch the newest episode of my favorite TV series:

www.momesh.com (for movies)
www.mysoju.com (korean movies)

Tell me, whats your favorite TV series?


Times like this, why can't we just print more money?

Some already know, some don't. My dad answered same question before but I didn't fully understood until today.

If we print more money, people will have more money to buy goods and the market will not be able to keep up with the demand therefore, prices will go sky high that even amount of money you have will not be sufficient enough to afford the prices. Therefore your money would be worthless. Farmers will refuse to bring their produce to the city in return of worthless money.
If this happens, the economic state by then would be a nightmare.

Many learned from the hyperinflation happened to Germany in 1923. We don't want to repeat history.

Source: http://www.usagold.com/germannightmare.html

In times like this, what do you do to save money?