Effective way of Losing Weight---MOTIVATION!

In my efforts to lose weight, I have jumped from one website to another trying to research for the most effective and healthy way of shedding off the pounds. At this point in time my drive to become what I have been dreaming of since I was little girl motivated me to lose weight.

What I am doing?:

  • No rice on every meal. (Sometimes I cheat, perhaps 1 cup of rice in a week.)
  • Cut down on carbs and sugar. I only eat wheat bread and wheat pasta.
  • Fruits and veggies.
  • Dandelion tea. This works like wonder for me. I found out that this tea is superb for the liver and kidney. No wonder I pee like an open spigot every time I go to the john. It flushes out excess water in the body and speeds up metabolism.

I stumbled upon ACAI BERRY. This was featured in Oprah and Rachel Ray and was praised for it's health benefits. It flushes out toxins and help lose weight. So I went to vitacost.com where my gtalk friends order their supplements and I was overwhelmed with the reviews on this amazing product about it's effectiveness and having lost weight just with the trial pack!

For more information you can visit this link. I am hoping to share to you this new learning I found today.

Weight check: Dec 11/08: 127 lbs
Jan 26/09: 118 lbs

so far so good!


shengmarie said...

Hi ivy, thanks for dropping by my place. sure, we can ex links of course.

I V Y said...

thanks sheng! ill appreciate your visits and comments!

Isah said...

hi there! i just read ur blog...and thanks for the info about Dandelion tea. I'm gonna try it. :)