Obama Look Alike is not a Filipino

One day last month, an email from my mail box put a wide smile in my face when I saw the pics of the Obama look alike, wearing a suite, shaking hands with people. Many thought he was a Filipino. This email got into my inbox one more time, this time from my Uncle in the US. He thought that he was a Filipino too.

While watching the tube , amazement filled me when I saw the Obama look alike in a pharmaceutical commercial with Ate Glow. It was really funny though.

Not until yesterday, Choy, my funny and smart colleague told me that the Obama look alike, who we thought was a Pinoy, was really an Indonesian. Of course, my initial reaction was turn around, get my hands on the keyboard and google it.

Ilham Anas, who bears a striking resemblance with newly inaugurated US president Barack Obama is an Indonesian magazine photographer.

photos by yahoo
Yahoo News