New Year and a New Blog

Months passed by quickly and I have totally have forgotten my idea back then to create a new blog. Coming up with a topic did not come easy. I wanted something different with what I talk about with my first blog. Money making online is not gonna work for me, SEO blah blah is French to me. Maybe down the road, i can be SEO guru and earn money like Carlo Ocab (the teenager Filipino blogger who made it to the top of the blogging industry).

Just today, blogging about my work up and struggle to get preggo got boring to me. I needed to talk about something new.

NEW is the keyword.

I am an internet addict. Whatever pops up into my mind, I need to research about it. I feel the need of learning and be able to talk about it. At the end of day, Internet makes you smart.
At work, I get a lot of questions about software and hardware that I have never used or laid my eyes on but I still manage to answer and sound like I am a guru. Thanks to Google.

So this Blog is all about New to Ivy. I will blog about the everything and anything new that I learn hoping that you get to learn from it too (you may already know it.)


williamaanne said...

ey, nice new home! korek k sis, sometimes we get sick & tired of talking about our ttc journey! kaya me, for this year i decided to atleast minimize ranting about it, slowly i'll stop n rin, mahirap n din eh!

goodluck & god bless!

I V Y said...

sis thanks for dropping by. oo nga, it's time ta talk about new things naman. take care!

worryfree said...

God has plans for all of us. Just let be. Malay mo, ngayong taon eh magkababy na kayo. Kami nga din ni misis eh. Since naraspa siya, di pa rin kami nakakabuo. Hopefully this year. Good luck to us. :-)

shengmarie said...

Hi, nice one here, i will be back more often.